FOX-VPS is pleased to offer state of the art technical solutions to the application of precise hydraulic power with new ranges of Servo Hydraulic Equipment. Based upon many years of experience in providing hydraulic cylinders, servo actuators and associated equipment, FOX-VPS can offer the most cost effective, technical solutions to the application of hydraulic power with actuators that have been specifically designed to generate accurately controlled loads, displacements, velocities or accelerations.

Design Expertise:

With more than 30 years experience in the field of servo hydraulic testing, FOX-VPS engineers have called upon significant engineering knowledge to produce a comprehensive suite of Actuators offering peak performance, long working life and ultimate reliability.

Innovative Products:

Three new Servo Actuator types are introduced, the F280S Symmetric, F210S Symmetric and F210A Asymmetric ranges. These actuators together with optional innovative control / safety manifold systems and numerous mounting styles offer a comprehensive range of equipment, to provide maximum flexibility to the requirements of the testing industry. Rated at either 280bar or 210bar maximum working pressures, dependent upon the range, all actuators have ultra-low friction characteristics which contribute significantly towards maximising system accuracy.

Test Actuators:

FOX-VPS Hydraulic Test Actuators are designed to meet the most demanding test applications. Available in both equal (symmetric) and unequal (asymmetric) areas with a variety of load ratings and mounting styles, FOX-VPS Hydraulic Test Actuators will provide many years of reliable operation in servo hydraulic test systems.

Test Systems:

FOX-VPS Hydraulic Actuators are designed for use in demanding applications where the requirement for precise loading is paramount. Predominantly used in Durability, Fatigue and Static testing of aerospace and automotive structures together with the testing of associated systems, FOX-VPS products are designed to offer years of reliable service in properly engineered installations. FOX-VPS engineers have a wealth of experience and can offer technical assistance in determining the most suitable equipment for your application.


All FOX-VPS actuators are subjected to a stringent test regime prior to delivery. Utilising purpose built test rigs the actuators are initially pressure and leakage tested to a standard that exceeds ISO 10100:2001. They are then dynamically friction tested to verify that their ultra-low friction characteristics are uniform throughout the actuator stroke. Hydraulic manifolds are subjected to a similar test regime being pressure tested and fully function tested prior to dispatch.