Actuator Mounting Attachments

Actuator Mounting Attachments

The vast majority of test applications require that the loading actuators have at least one degree of rotational freedom. FOX-VPS Hydraulic Actuators are provided with a female threaded earth end mounting that facilitates the attachment of a wide range of spherical mountings.

Proprietary Spherical Eye Ends:

Female threaded earth ends are sized to accept DIN648 spherical bearings of a size appropriate to the maximum capacity of the actuator which will result in long life in typical test applications.

Fatigue Rated Spherical Eye Ends with Backlash Adjustment:

For more demanding applications where DIN648 style bearings could suffer from premature wear, FOX-VPS can offer a fatigue rated eye end with backlash adjustment. Manufactured from high tensile alloy steel and coupled to the actuator by a rolled thread stud, these units have the same thread connections as DIN648 style bearings.

Spherical Eye End Bearing Life:

FOX-VPS can provide valuable assistance in determining the anticipated life of bearings under various duties (load/frequency/articulation etc..). Please contact us to enable our engineers to help define the most suitable end mounting for your application.

Spherical Bearing Mounts:

Spherical bearings are typically mounted inside a yoke, which is attached to the test article or test frame. FOX-VPS offer two ranges of bearing yokes, which can be attached to either test articles or machine bed-plates. Both types are fatigue rated and are provided with hardened ground pins and mounting bolts.

Ball End Joints:

Commercially available spherical bearings typically offer around 7 degrees of rotational freedom in 2 axes, which is sometimes insufficient for certain types of test. Designed to fit in place of a standard spherical eye end FOX-VPS have devised a spherical ball end joint, complete with backlash adjustment, which provides up to 20 degrees of rotational freedom. Manufactured from high strength alloy steel and coated with a low friction, hard wearing bearing material, these devices can be interchanged with existing DIN648 style eye ends and actuator mounts to provide increased flexibility in the test laboratory.

Cardan (Universal) Joints:

For applications that require low rotational friction levels during testing, FOX-VPS manufacture a range of Cardan Joints that virtually eliminate lateral forces and moments when rotating under load. Designed to provide +/-8 degrees of rotation about the in plane axis these bearings are fatigue rated and backlash free and are sized to suit FOX-VPS ranges of Hydraulic Test Actuators.

Bespoke Mounting Designs:

If the above wide range of articulating products do not meet user requirements, FOX-VPS can also offer a bespoke design service which includes the incorporation of hydrostatic bearings if required.